Custom Hotkey/Keybind Bug?

i am curious to know whether what i am experiencing is local or if someone can confirm a bug i am facing. i cannot seem to set up a custom hotkey for wireframe display in Composer 2023.1.1.

steps to repro:

  1. go to Window > Hotkeys
  2. click on “+ Add New Global Hotkey” and search for “Wireframe” (under omni.scene.visualization.ui)
  3. set up a hotkey, say “B” (for simplicity’s sake rather than a two-key combo)
  4. click on the save icon
  5. close out of the Hotkeys dialog
  6. (optional) restarted Composer app
  7. click into viewport and press B

ideally, i’d like to have a two-key combo for this particular action, but whether i created the hotkey under “Global” or made a new Window as “Viewport”, the results seem to be the same. i’ve also made sure there were no hotkey conflicts with other pre-existing hotkeys.

The “omni.scene.visualization.ui” is a “per object” property that turns wireframe overlay on for each selected object. It is not the same as the global RTX viewport command under the RTX menu. I actually cannot see a way to set the global wireframe mode in the viewport if that is what you are trying to do. I will find out.

i see, so prim(s) will have to be selected beforehand. i must have gotten that confused with the viewport Rendering Mode, so thanks for clarifying. you are, however, right on with what i am aiming to achieve - a hotkey to toggle viewport display between wireframe and shaded view.

We do not currently list ALL commands in the HotKey Editor. Most but not all. This is a special rendering mode not currently exposed. If something changes I will let you know.

understood. thanks @Richard3D !

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