Custom renderpasses output support?

Is it possible to output custom renderpasses from Omniverse Create or Omniverse View?
Or, is there any extension that enables custom renderpasses output?
It would be really nice to have support to output render targets listed in Debug View pulldown to multi channel EXR images.

Hello @kobo! Welcome to the community! I have forwarded your question to the rendering team. I should hear back shortly.

In the meantime, here are some links to our render settings documentation:

Thank you for the links to render settings documentation.
I found, in IRAY case, renderpass can be selected as Canvas in IRAY Render Settings, which can be written out one at a time.
It would be nicer to have common interface to write multiple renderpasses simultaneously to multi channel EXR which works the same with RTX Real-Time, RTX Path-Traced and Iray.

Hi @kobo! The developer informed me that we do not currently have the ability to output custom renderpasses. Yes, IRay does support some of this on its own.

The Rendering team is working on this feature and they have informed me that it should be available soon.

Also, I have created a Feature ticket on our internal system with your request for a common interface for multiple renderpasses. (For reference, OM-38968)

Hi @WendyGram , Great to hear that!
Looking forward to the feature being released.
And, thank you for creating feature ticket.