Where can I find the omniverse RTX(Path Tracing) technical documentation?

Where can I find the omniverse RTX technical documentation? I would like to know the principles and technical details of RTX (Path Tracing). And how to modify the rendering process of omnivereRTX (Path Tracing), I want to obtain physically realistic rendering results.

@zzz_zhang666 here’s the doc for the path tracing mode. is this what you are looking for?

there are more general rendering overview within Kit 105 under table of contents section if you’d like to know more about lighting, materials, and post processing.

Thank you for your reply. What I would like to know more is whether omnivereRTX Interactive (Path Tracing) has any methods that sacrifice physical correctness for rendering speed. I didn’t find a similar description in this document, but it still gave me a lot of inspiration. Thank you