Render Passes

Hi, is it possible to do render passes for post editing currently ?

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Hi @user131001! Great question! Yes we have the ability to do render passes. Take a look at our documentation here: RTX Render Settings — Omniverse Create documentation

Please let me know if this answered your question!

This is for the debugging side which have not much use frankly for final output, there should be an option when using the movie capture to render the frames and select these passes as additional output so that these can be use for post editing software like Nuke/adobe AE/Premier. Please bring this option to the development team as it is a crucial element for using omniverse as an rendering tool.

Hi @DavidDPD. I have contacted the dev team for more information on this. I will post back when I have more information for you!

Hi @user131001 & @DavidDPD! The development team has informed me that the ability to run Render Passes will be available in the “Next Major Release”. You can take a peek at our Omniverse Public Roadmap to see what we are working on for the next release!

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