Some Queries about omniverse

Hello All,
Really excited to start the journey with Omniverse.
Great job by the team at NVidia!!!

I am writing here to clear out some preliminary questions I had for Omniverse Apps… I am adding them all on this thread, but if you prefer I can put them individual threads in the future.

  1. AOVs or Render passes are a crucial aspect of product rendering, since we many times need to do some post processing in Nuke. We are aware that Omniverse provides post processing features, but there are many scenarios where that wouldn’t be and we would have to switch to a Compositing tool like Nuke. Especially if we need to add some custom stamps on an image sequence or a generated movie.

  2. Product Scene Photography requires for us to render our products and composite on top of a photograph. Is this something that Omniverse provides out of the box somehow or do we need to look into MDL custom Material Definitions?

  3. This probably appends on top of the AOVs support. But, do we have plans to implement Crypto matte support in the near future.

Thanks in Advance and any help would be appreciated :)

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Just jumping in here to add to the interest - I’m really enjoying playing with Omniverse lately, but the one thing that that I see would stop me from using it more regularly is the lack of Render Passes/AOVs and CryptoMattes - So that would be an awesome addition

Currently OV doesn’t support AOV’s beyond alpha. It is very high on our list along with OpenColor I\O