Material ID

Hello, Is there a plan to support material IDs or cryptomattes? I want to render a high resolution image to be composited in photoshop or after effects, and a way to render mask pass would be really useful.

Thank you

I think you’re talking about AOVs? Does this video help? Arbitrary Output Variables (AOV) Overview in Omniverse Create - YouTube

I’m talking about something like this:

qdehv43pp0y51.png (1080×673) (

You assign a tag on the shader metadata, and you render out an image to use as masks for compositing.

Even on that video you sent, people are asking about it on the comments section

Thank you

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Checked internally. Cryptomattes are being worked on but don’t have a solid release date for you. Best I can see is it was planned for this year. I’ll follow up to this thread if I hear something more specific.


I happen to chance upon this community extension call Indoorkit which can give you this function.
Activate indoorkit from the extension panel, change to the settings on second screenshot to see your colorID map which is more useful for compositing . Hope it helps !


@DavidDPD This looks like it might work! I’ll test it out and report back here. Thank you


I am getting this error when trying to install IndoorKit on Create 2022.3.