Renderman with Omniverse


When do you think you will be able to support Pixar Renderman, and therefore be able to export renderman shaders, light and camera in the USD?

Good news! We do support Renderers using the USD distribution known as Hydra, that includes Pixar’s Renderman. Information from the documentation here:

Coupled with the MDL Material Description and an RTX based renderer running on an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, you can generate visually compelling and physically accurate worlds. Omniverse Create is integrated with Pixar’s Hydra, and therefore can be used to display USD content in any Hydra renderer (e.g Storm, Embree, PRMan etc) which has been built against the appropriate version of USD.

Here is some information from the documentation here:

Omniverse Kit based applications built with UI can provide rendering windows. The standard rendering interface for applications using USD is part of the USD distribution and known as Hydra. Any Hydra-compliant renderer can be connected to a Omniverse Kit rendering window. Available Hydra-compliant renderers include NVIDIA’s Omniverse Omniverse RTX Renderer, AMD’s ProRender and Intel’s OspRay.

I just did a test by syncing on two different machines on Maya 2023 with renderman 24.4.
When I activate the live between the two Maya I have the scene in both Maya, in the maya in which I created my session I will assign PXRsurface shaders to my objects (shader renderman) and only in the second maya I move the objects a priori everything goes well I keep the shaders in my 1st Maya but from then on I modify the geometry of my objects I lose all the information from Renderman.
Our pipeline is based on renderman in Maya and Houdini how-to.
Moreover when I export the USD with your Maya connector I don’t see any information relating to renderman (shader, lights, etc).
How is your technology used in a Renderman pipeline?

Mayan 2023
Rederman 24.4
Houdini 19
Omniverse Create 2022.2.2
Connector Maya Legacy 200.1.0
Connector Houdini 102.0.0

Currently we do not support a Renderman render context. More render context are under consideration for future release with Maya Native Connector.