Textures not connected to shader when exporting USDPreviewSurface from Maya

Hi all,
as in the title above. When I export the model from Maya with materials made using USDPreviewSurface, textures gets disconnected. They get copied to the Materials folder but the shaders are having only the color…

I have to say that so far I have the worst experience with the Maya Connector, I am now using the Native 207 version but it far from good. As usual we, Maya users are months behind 3ds max when it comes to plugins development.

Let me run this by the mdl team and get back to you. Have you tried with other shaders, like OmniPBR and Omnisurface ?

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Using Maya 2022 with Legacy Connector (Native one doesn’t support Omni materials export). The object with OmniSurfaceLite exports with all the textures correctly.

So just to confirm, you have it working with Maya 2022 with the Legacy Connector and OmniSurfaceLite ? But not with USDPreviewSurface ?

I would just check that you are using the latest Maya connector as well.

In my first post when trying to export as USD Preview Surface I used Native connector 2.0.7 for Maya 2024, as it seems the only option with the Native connector.

Your graph should include a PrimvarReader_float2 node.

We are updating the connector to export the proper node graph. In the mean time add this node in the Material Editor.

I will give it a try! thanks!