Exporting USD from Maya: No textures in Omniverse

I load a free animated character like this into Maya 2023: Kostenlose 3D People für Max, Maya, C4D & mehr | RENDERPEOPLE

The character is displayed with textures.

Hypershade looks like this:

I use the Maya Connector to export USD.
Looking at the generated files, I see that only one of the 4 provided texture files is actually exported.
I load the USD into Create and add a distant light:

The surface of the character is nearly black, no textures.
Material Graph:

No errors in the create log file.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Bruno,

I was able to export a render people example that I downloaded from their free examples without issue and open in Create. let’s check a couple things and see if we can get you sorted…
First lets check Create, in the preferences, under material, check that your render context is set to MDL. You may need to reload Create or the scene.
Next lets look at Maya, was there any errors reported onthe Maya side or in the maya log file? Located at users/Omniverse/Maya/

Try those 2 things and let me know.

Thanks for the quick reply, Aron.

I am repeating the export/import process.
I export using Omniverse/Export
These are the export settings:

This is what gets exported:

While exporting, there is no errors reported in Maya.
I dont’t know where exactly to look for logfiles. I don’t have a folder users/Omniverse/Maya. I don’t see anything useful under …/AppData/Local/Autodesk/Logs.

But my impression is that there is something wrong with the export, just because the Maya scene contains 5 texture files:

But only one of them is part of the export (see above).

Regarding Create preferences, I can confirm that render context is set to mdl.

Hi Bruno,
When you open the file in Create, look in the Create Console panel. Does it list an errors (red) or warnings(yellow) related to the materials of that character? If so can you share them here?

No errors, no warnings, when I open the file.

this is what I do:

Edit: Sorry, I should not upload screen recordings to the public. I sent the file to Teresa.

@azoellner I just sent the video via PM.

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