Maya connector doesn't export geometry to usd

In my scene some objects will be exported, some not. Is there a known limitation regarding nodes with the same name? Also some textures will be exported, some not. Also I got error messages regarding MDL.
This ends up with a usd file 0.48 KB, so it is empty. Here are some error messages:

UMM: Not able to convert instance “groupId7” to data with render context “MDL”

// Create writer for CartHolders|Cylinder|Cylinder_003 //
// Create writer for CartHolders|Cylinder|Cylinder_003|Cylinder_003Shape //
// Error: file: C:\Omniverse\library\maya-connector-103.4.0\20220\scripts\OmniMaya.mel line 4700: More than one object matches name: Cylinder_003Shape //

// Warning: Omniverse: Error uploading file omniverse://, status= 3 //
// Omniverse: Fail to upload /Projects/filiale/AsphaltPreviewSurface/normalTex.png because of empty or bad local file //

The texture files isn"t bad or empty, it works fine in Maya.

This seem to happen only if I convert to the connected omniverse server. Exporting it locally works. The error “More than one object matches name:” is still there, but the usd looks fine.

Any hint?

Thanks for reporting this issue we’re trying to reproduce the issue on our end.

Could you please confirm the OS and Maya version you are using with 103.4? (It looks like Maya 2022, but is it .0, .1, etc)

What version of Nucleus server is omniverse:// ?

Have you tried localhost and if so what version of Nucleus was that?

Is the output file exactly 492 bytes?

Also please upload your Nucleus log file:

Hi kecollins,

I"m using Maya 2022.3, Windows 10.

Omniverse Enterprise Version (Linux mit Docker): nucleus-stack-2022.1.0+tag-2022.1.0.gitlab.3983146.613004ac

I don"t know if the Nucleus version is a different one, when using localhost. In fact, I exported to a local hard drive, but didn’t change anything else then the place where to export.

Regarind the file size: I don’t know how to get the exact file size. I think I can only see it in the Create UI:


Here is the link to the log-file:


Thanks for log file we’ll get this to the Engineers for analysis.

What version of Linux are you running on Docker for Omniverse Enterprise Version (Linux mit Docker)?

The host system is Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy)