How to deal with Maya specific objects?


I started using the Maya connector and run Omniverse and Maya using live sync. When I create something like a nurbs curve in Maya, I see it replicated in Omniverse as “NurbsCurves”. When I connect Maya to this USD later the object is not represented as a curve in Maya anymore. It looks like a generic object with no curve specific attributes, and I am not able to work with it anymore.

It seems this happens with other Maya object types, too. All these objects actually get lost as soon as Maya fetches the USD from Nucleus.

Is this a bug or a feature? If the latter, I would like to know how a Workflow using Maya is supposed to look like. My expectation was that while working on USD, I still can use the specific features and object types from Maya.


Hello @bruno.vetter! I did a search on our open bugs and it looks like this is an issue that the development team is aware of (OM-50483). I will bring attention to this so what we can get this sorted out as soon as possible!

Maya specific objects are not stored in USD currently. If you want to maintain for example construction history or certain controls to an exported USD file. then under the omniverse/usd menu items you can choose link to usd file. This will link your maya file to USD. This will keep allow your maya file to have everything it needs.