Unable to save material changes for omniverse USD in unreal engine 5

Hello :)

I’m testing a few basic features of omniverse mainly in unreal engine and got stuck with a problem regarding the material.

I created a mesh from Maya 2022 and exported it into the omniverse nucleus server and opened (double-clicked) the cube in unreal engine 5. I noticed that the material was converted to a material instance (with the OmniPBR material as the parent material) and tried changing a few basic parameters, such as changing the base color, to see if they work. The changes were properly applied but when I tried saving the material instance, it doesn’t seam to save? Considering that there’s a whole lot of parameters available to edit, I think it should be possible to edit and save changes of the material instance applied to the mesh… Is there another way to save in unreal engine or is it suppose to be unsavable in unreal engine?

Thank you in advance!

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I took the liberty of moving your post to the Omniverse specific category regarding the UE connector.

Here you will get the help you need.

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@1uniusrose The material instance is simply a proxy for a material that is defined in your USD file. If you make any changes to the OmniPBR Material Instance in Unreal you can save the USD file from your Content Browser to push that material change back to Nucleus. If you edit the stage live it will also propagate through to other clients.