Moving animate/blendshape from Maya to Omniverse, with work around

I am having a very difficult time moving my character with animation and blendshapes. I have tried the tutorials, and still not get the character into Omniverse, with animation and blendshapes.

My work around is long and messy but does work, but I am hoping for a better/faster way.

Maya to OV with animation and shapekeys

Take your character with animation and shapekeys.
Bake down to animation layer (I have not tested multiple layers yet).

Export as FBX, most defaults are fine.
Ensure animation and blendshapes are checked

You may get this warning ignore it

Open nvidiablender version.

Import ensure automatic bone orientation

Hide armature, and check the movement is copied properly (shapekeys exist, mesh moves, and all meshes are there).

Join all meshes together and ensure origin is world origin.

Set frame range to match clip

Save the file. USD exporter sometimes crashes.

These are the settings I use. Most important are armature and animation checked. Turn off fix skel root (no idea what it does but experimental sounds dangerous). Ensure selection only is checked off (it crashes OV for some reason).

Pull created usdc file into create, and play sequence

Hello @dhwoolf! I have shared this with the development team so that they can give your some assistance and hopefully we can improve the workflow in the process!

I also wanted to suggest joining our Discord server, if you haven’t already. You can find us at You can post your workflow with 1,000s of other creators to find help and get suggestions!

Hi dhwoolf,
It does not look like you are using either of our Omniverse connectors. Can we walk back and tell use what the issue is with moving this character to Omniverse with our Maya (legacy) Connector. Do you have a Maya scene you are able share? If so please Dm it to me.

Give to OV copy.mb (10.3 MB)
Here you, animatio and shapeky are kinda ugly, but its for testing workflow.

also I use latest legacy

Hi dhwoolf,
You example file was missing an fbx reference, so I didn’t have any meshes. However. to export to USD form maya, you need to ensure that your mesh and skeleton share a common parent xform. your workaround process may have done this somewhere. If you can upload a new zip with the references, I’d be happy to try that.