MayaConnector Export blendshape error

When we export our facalanimation from maya connector we always get same issue
There will always be strange offsets
The charactor have 293 blendshape and we record 1000 frame for test
but the export time using roughly 18 hour

Hello @Jiucao! I’ve reached out to the dev team for more help. Is there any more information that you can provide about the steps you took that resulted in these strange offsets?

Also, what is your system environment? OS, GPU / GPU Driver?

Hello again @Jiucao! The development team would like to know if the frame range exported 18 hours instead of 1000? or if you meant that the export took 18 hours?

Also, if you could provide a copy of your logs found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\Maya
It will help give us more information to help troubleshoot your issue.

Export time takes 18 hours,The initial speed is very fast, but after 300 frames the speed will decrease by about 30% until the decay is 50%。
My CPU use amd 5950x, memory 128G ddr4 3000mhz , GPU 3090.
weird things was My eyes blendshape get shrink, but i didnt have made this blendshape.
it looks like some blendshape offset negtive direction
and also, we fix a problem for speedup export time by set blendshape weight minimum value 0.001
I know USD blendshape api just record when points need offset into offset array.
if developer have no idea what going on . i think we can upload a maya file for your team debug, thx

Hello @Jiucao! Thanks for the reply. It would really help out the dev team if you could attached your log file of the issue found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\Maya.

We would also apprecate it if you could provide us with your source file. You can email both to me at

(An internal development ticket was generated from this post: OM-54680: MayaConnector Export blendshape error)