Exported blendshapes are too slow and is not in sync

So I have exported blendshapes from a2f, then imported in maya and they play far too slowly, on some exports it’s fine, on some it’s more than 2x slower like here in the example.
A: image

As you can see in example A there’s audio that was used to export blendshapes from a2f and it takes 680fps~, but imported json gives blendshapes keyframes up to 1700fps~~. Both are at 24fps, any help would be appreciated. Everything seems fine in a2f audio and shapes are in sync. Not too sure where is the core problem of it sometimes happening and sometimes not. Any help would be appreciated!
In maya evaluation mode is Parallel.

Hello @user117349! I informed the Audio2Face team about your post. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Hi @user117349,

  1. did you set the playback FPS as 24 when you export the .json file, as in this image? Seems like you’re using 60.0, which is the default value.

  2. If you already set 24fps and had this issue, please attach the output .json file and we can have a look.