Skeleton export issue

for some reason, when maya connector export maya rig to usd skeleton will get issue.
I am not sure why it happen, but when i manully binding skeleton to mesh, most skeleton rig was currect to binded to mesh. only 4 of the rig cost mesh offset.
I have check bindingtransform and resttransform, it seen like when maya export rig to usd skeleton ,some of the rig has scale matrix error.
All the mesh componet has freeze transformation already.

this issue I already fix.
remake a new maya file, and open the skeleton usd file then export it, it automatic fix the problem…
I cannot share project file in public, can you guys DM a email so i can send file

All the mesh componet stay in world axis.
All the transformation has been freeze.

btw, I connot found the post script on document, i need write some attribute when usd file has been exported