Hairworks and Animation export - Can t figure it out

Hello, I know that noobs are a pain, but I ve tried to find out what to do to get hairworks working with animation.
Under Maya, I have an animated character, groomed the hair with Shave n haircut, converted the hair to guide curves, then experted the animation, the skeletton, the mesh, and the hair, but it works in the viewer only in bind pose, if I try to preview the animation, the hair sticks on the 0.0.0 grid space.

I m probably missing a step in shave before exporting the curves since they don t seem to attach to the surface of the mesh. Like doing a simulation or something.

Is there a way to get a clue of how you did export your animation under maya that we see in the youtube tutorial ?

Sincerely, yann

Mmmm I start to figure out a little bit more, but still not working. The export pluggin in maya seems to act weird, in the bond pose of the hair file, the skeletton is normal, just like it is in Maya, but if I select the animation from the list, the bones are all centered in 0.0.0

The more weird thing is that if I do export my mesh + animation in FBX, then import it, then groom it, then export it (ax and fbx) again, it doesnt work either. But if I do a cube, bond it to a bone, animate the bone, groom the cube and export, then it works…

How is the animation system supposed to work, should we just groom the reference file and export the hair from there and just export various animations as fbx (including the guides) or are we supposed to re groom each animation, and do the process for all of them (so to merge all animation in one single file)

Sorry for to many questions …

Getting closer
Well The problem seems to come from the reference system of Maya (here 2014)
it works and maps on the anim perfectly if I export fbx and hairworks directly from the original file, but doesn t work if I use a reference :

Original character modeled, rigged skinned, groomed and animated —> add hair works —> works in the viewer
Reference of the original character —> convert to guide curves —> add hair works —> works only on bindpose


Can’t tell you about Maya since I used Max for it, but basically you only need to export the original character mesh with its animation. Export your reference file in its bind pose without any animations. It will take the animation from the character mesh when imported into the viewer.

mmm nope, It s an instance problem, found a way :

create your bindpose file (create your shave node, add hairworks)
create a reference of the file before animation, then export FBX and AEX files from here
Animate, and export fbx from animation.

The problem was that I was trying to export the aex from original file, then exporting animations from referenced files, but was not working, another thing :
i ve tried all the reference creator parameters for this to work, but it doesn t work at start, cannot remember how and what I added but i now works :p

thank for answering