HairWorks Viewer - ERROR: hair asset does not have growth mesh face


I’ve been trying to get an .apx file exported correctly from Maya 2016.5.
However, when I bring the .apx file into HairWorks Viewer, it gives me the following error:

“ERROR: hair asset does not have growth mesh face. At least one triangle is needed.
ERROR: LoadHairAsset() - Hair asset descriptor is not valid.”

Here are the steps I took…

In my Maya file I have a simple rig.
I created a growth mesh and bound it to the same rig that has my graphics mesh.
I drew out some CV curves as my guide curves and grouped them.
I selected my growth mesh and selected in the Menu, HairWorks --> Create Hairworks.
I clicked “Pick Guides” then picked my group that has all my curves.
I finally used Export All… with the HairWorks file type.

What step am I missing?

To create my hair curves, I just used the CV curve tool to draw out some curves. Is that okay? Do I HAVE to use Shave and a Haircut and go through all those steps to generate my curves? I noticed in the tutorials that any splines that were generated from the Hair tools were eventually converted to curves anyway, so I figured just drawing the curves out by hand would work the same way.

As there something wrong with my growth mesh…?

Thanks in advance,

I figured it out. Apparently, you need to have a guide curve for every single vertex in your growth mesh.

As a test, I created a cube with a joint, skinned it, created 8 guide curves (one for each vertex), and exported all as a Hairworks file. I brought the Hairworks file into Hairworks Viewer and I didn’t receive the error anymore.

I could see the cube and hairs.

I didn’t realize you needed BOTH a skinned growth mesh AND a guide curve for every vertex on the growth mesh. Once I got those two things down, I was able to import my Hairworks files into the viewer without any errors.


Hi, I’m not having that same issue but maybe something similar. I’m trying to export my FBX and APX files from 3Ds Max, however I consistently get this weird thing where my growth mesh is way too big and doesn’t match the graphic mesh as it does when I view it in 3ds max. I’m a mid-level noob with this.

You can see in this screenshot that the growth mesh is way off. I also experimented with Manjaladon and as you can see in the screenshot, the growth mesh is much bigger with the graphic mesh of the manjaladon nested inside.

Hi, How you created 8 guide curves on x gen