Custom sdk generation on top of jetbot_image_v0p4p0


I have got the latest jetpack sdk (jetbot_image_v0p4p0) flashed on SDcard. This is for my Jetson Nano.

On top of this sdk, I have further installed packages required for jetson-inference and have also downloaded few models like Googlenet and Resnet.

Now I want to create a custom sdk which includes jetbot_image_v0p4p0 + jetson-inference required packages + models.

How to generate this custom sdk?
If I flash this custom sdk on a new SDcard, I should be able to run the sample imagenet and detectnet python codes directly on that.


In cases where you generate an image from JetPack/SDK Manager, the sample rootfs in “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” normally is just Ubuntu with packages added via “sudo ./” (NVIDIA-specific drivers on top of an otherwise unmodified Ubuntu 18.04)

During a flash on command line with “sudo ./ jetson-nano mmcblk0p1” a file is generated which becomes the rootfs, seen in sparse form at “bootloader/system.img” (raw form at “bootloader/system.img.raw”). Aside from some “rootfs/boot/” additions/edits, this is mostly an exact clone of “rootfs/”. If you have an image, and you place it in “rootfs/” instead of the sample rootfs, then you will get this after the flash is done.

Method 1: Put your raw content in place of the sample rootfs at “rootfs/” (but be very careful to preserve permissions. Allow an image to be generated from this, along with whatever the “/boot” edits are. It doesn’t hurt to run “sudo ./” again, but it also doesn’t help…a running system already has that content.

Method 2: Put a binary rootfs clone image in at “bootloader/system.img” (from either an SD card partition dd or a clone of eMMC), and then flash with the “-r” option to The “-r” option says to reuse whatever system.img is there, and to not generate a new one. If the image size is not the default, then you may need to specify this. However, the basic flash would become:

sudo ./ <b>-r</b> jetson-nano mmcblk0p1

Thanks for the response linuxdev.

Can I install SDK Manager on Jetson Nano?
Share me the path where I can get link to download and install SDK Manager on Jetson Nano.
Where is file? Will this comes along with SDK Manager installation?


SDK Manager is itself a GUI front end to other software, and can only run on an x86_64/amd64 host PC with Ubuntu. When run this will put some content in “~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/”. A subdirectory will be created based on the designation of the Nano. This in turn will contain a “Linux_for_Tegra/” subdirectory which is the directory containing “”. The most recent release of JetPack/SDK Manager is here:
(redirect does not work, and so you will probably need to go there, log in, and then go there a second time to see content)

If you have an Ubuntu host PC (make sure you have a lot of spare disk space), and run sdkm, select the Nano and “flash” target as the only step, the directory will be added.