Custom splash screen

I want to use custom splash screen.
I added options, “quiet splash” In the “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”.
It is displayed “ubuntu 16.04”(splash_img.png). Can I customize this?
I use Jetson Tx2 R28.2.1.

This is related to the plymouth daemon, which is not in our official support.

Is there a way to do Moving splash screen with official support?

We are not supporting the use of Plymouth. But we have a splash logo that is using cboot…

Don’t you see the nvidia logo on hdmi monitor during boot up??

The nvidia logo see on hdmi monitor.
I changed custom logo. I edited bmp.blob.
And, I deleted “console=tty1”. So, Black Screen see now.
The boot takes a long time (about 30 sec).
I want to indicate that processing is on the screen.

Please note that plymouth is not a software that is implemented by NVIDIA…
You could find out more resource on public linux forum.

I got it. Thank you.