Tx2 boot splash screen

First of all, I hope that during the startup process, only the NVIDIA logo will be displayed. When this function is completed, I will want to replace the above logo with my own image.

I modified p2771-0000 conf.common ,
CMDLINE_ ADD = …console=tty0,quiet splash …, flash.sh After operation, restart.

  1. The logo of nvdia is displayed first
  2. Black screen
  3. Text mode, display startup information
  4. Picture mode, display Ubuntu 16.04
  5. Black screen
  6. Go to the desktop.

This is not the effect I want. I refer to many topics in the forum, but they haven’t been solved. What’s the latest development of this problem?


We don’t have any development for this. The ubuntu logo after NV logo is from the native ubuntu feature. I am not sure if it is still plymouth splash.