How to keep bootlogo on screen before xsession start up?

First Stage: After tx2 system start up, screen shows bootlogo as below:

Second Stage: then screen becomes blank:

Third Stage: Several seconds later, Xsession starts up and desktop appears

So, how to modify system configuration to keep bootlogo on screen during second stage?

I guess it is not possible. Someone else asked this before. It seems unavoidable when gdm3 starts, there would be a blanked period.

Maybe other users can share their experience.

Thank you, I got it.

Furthermore, Is it possible to change bootlogo? If possible, what to do?

Check your Linux_for_Tegra/tools/bmp-splash.

My tx2 connected hdmi and dsi screen,
I am sucessful to change cboot logo by bmp-splash, but nvidia logo still appears on DSI screen when kernel installing…

Oh, then I guess that is not the real boot logo from bootloader. Bootloader does not support boot logo on dsi panel.
The uart log may tell.

That is probably the image file under this path.
→ “NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png” under /usr/share/backgrounds

Thank you! it works now

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