No Uboot-Logo here r28.1 tx2

There is no uboot-logo, how to enable it , when using the HDMI cable, with a hdmi display screen, or dsi screen maybe.

blow the link:

we can find some information about cboot, just for TX1 ,

How to show a logo when the production is bootting up, uboot-logo , or cboot-logo ?

thanks .

cboot isn’t involved in logo and runs prior to U-Boot. You may find this as a starting point:

Hi wuyankun1986,

There is chance to have bootloader logo in next release. Thanks for you patience.


Tanks for your reply.

Yes, we maybe use plymouth as splash screen instead of boot logo, but the Document TX2 Boot Flow say:

Jetson Tx2 CBoot is feature-rich boot loader that: Boots the kernel, Supprt display, boot logo,and Verified the Boot.

We also know that Cboot is not a opensource project.

So, We maybe try to use plymouth splash.

Hi WayneWWW,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for my poor English.

Yes, the r28.2 are software for Developer Preview that are not ready for production use.

So, there is a logo in the r28.2?

Hi wuyankun1986,

Please try it in rel-28.2 DP with 1080p HDMI display.

Hi WayneWWW.

I am back, I just try it in rel-28.2 DP, there is a log here. great job.

I found it’s in cboot.

but rel-28.2 DP use 13 partitions in 0000003 device, 27 partitions in 10003 device.

rel-28.1    use 6  partitions in 0000003 device, 17 partitions in 10003 device.

How to port the new-Cboot to rel-28.1 ?

or must use the rel-28.2 DP.



We didn’t release the cboot source code, so it is currently not easy to port it back on rel-28.1.

WayneWWW is correct. That’s the reason we are working to provide the build-able CBoot source code in the near future so you, as a developer, can customize the bootloader the way you need for your product.