Custom Boot Splash screen

Hi, I am looking to see if there’s a simple way to apply a splash screen during boot process that can persist through until the module automatically logs in and an app launches. I have played about with changing the boot arguments in extlinux and applying a plymouth splash but this only lasts maybe a second before I get a lengthy black screen. I did however see one of the devs mention that there will be some splash integration with bootloader, is there any info/documentation on this ?

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This is from an older release, but it may be of use:

In the “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” “APPEND” you might add this (this is a single very long line with spaces between options):

quiet splash

…which may or may not work in this version of Ubuntu.

Currently, the official support is the bootloader splash. You can see the NVIDIA logo if you use HDMI to boot up.

This logo is from cboot so that you could download the source and study.

We don’t work on plymouth anymore since it is a 3rdparty tools and we cannot maintain it in every BSP release…

Hi Wayne,

Is the stock CBoot compiled with eDP support enabled?

Can you publish or point me to the latest CBoot source for TX2-4GB on JetPack 4.2.1+? I only see it for other devices or JetPack versions.


The cboot source for TX2 is also in the same tarball with other source code like uboot/kernel (rel-32.2.1).

Hi Wayne,

The only thing I see in the rel-32.2.1 tarball is cboot_src_t19x.tbz2, which appears to only be for t19x (Xavier), not t18x (TX2).

The only cboot source I’ve seen for TX2 is 28.3 and below. It compiles and runs just fine on TX2 with 32.2.1. Is this the latest version of cboot for TX2?

I’m trying to enable eDP support in cboot, and it mostly works, but it’s missing a few things. The t19x versions of cboot seem to have more hardware support (pwm backlight, etc) than the older 28.3 version. I have attempted to merge features I need but have not solved it completely yet.

Just confirmed with internal team… only t19x (xavier) has rel-32 cboot src. You could use the rel-31 cboot source (which has some little delta with latest one) at this moment.

I will push your request to internal team.

Hi Wayne,

Has there been any update on getting the Cboot source for TX2?

Hi Wayne,

It’s about one month later. Is there any news about the source for TX2?

lvwt, Hope you are still monitoring this forum

Skip cboot source. This is like chasing a red laser,

cboot takes the image out of /dev/mmcblk0p22 it appears.
sudo blkid is a helpful bread crumb

This did it for me, missing documentation for -k BMP and --image

The tool has been released now. Please try it.