Extend boot logo duration in TX2


We are designing a custom carrier board based on Jetson TX2. We would like to display the boot logo(bmp.blob) during the entire bootup process.

by default the display flow is,

Boot logo (from bmp.blob) → debug logs → login UI

We tried to disable the debug logs by removing the “console=tty0” bootargs. after removing it we experience the below behaviour.

Boot logo (from bmp.blob) → black screen → login UI

We want it to be changed as below

Boot logo (from bmp.blob) → login UI

Is there any way we could display the Boot logo till the login screen?

Hi @ashlinsurey.a

After removing “console=tty0”, can you add “vt.global_cursor_default=0”

We closed the logs at AGX Xavier at the end of in this blog post:


Hi @mehmetdeniz ,

We tried adding “vt.global_cursor_default=0” in the bootargs. This removed the blinking cursor in the black screen. But our requirement is to remove the black screen completely. We would like to display the Nvidia logo for the entire bootup process until the ubuntu login screen.