tx2-4GB r32.3.1 how to change the splash screen

this did not work.
./flash.sh -r -k BMP --image ./jw_boot_logo/bmp.blob jetson-tx2-4GB mmcblk0p1


Could you describe more about “did not work”? Does this mean the splash screen is still the old one? or the monitor becomes blanked?

Still old splash screen, almost like it is using a different partition?

Could you share your flash log and boot up log?

I just tried and I can see updated logo. Thus, still need your log to check your case.

file.out is the log of the flash.sh
flash_sh.out.gz (3.2 KB) dmesg.gz (27.4 KB)

Please remember that this is a tx2-4GB not a tx2-8GB

Is there anything in the bmp.blob that needs to be changed for tx2-4GB?


The boot logo is rendered by cboot, so dmesg (only kernel) does not provide helpful info.

Please share the boot log from uart console.

serial console logserialConsole.gz (6.3 KB)

Hi Terry,

[0001.881] E> no valid display unit config found in dtb
[0001.887] W> display init failed

Your cboot does not initiate display at all…

Thus, there are few things you need to know

  1. It won’t help if you just keep flashing the BMP, because what you’ve seen is not from the bootloader.

  2. I believe what you’ve seen is from kernel, which is a png file called “NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png” under /usr/share/backgrounds. This is not splash screen from BMP.

That is the information I needed, so Nvidia has the splash image in two places, one documented and one not so documented