cxrError_Frame_Not_Ready is received after 3-4 minutes of smooth operation

The Client will receive cxrError_Frame_Not_Ready after 3-4 minutes, then the graphics on the HMD started to stutter, and the performance charts on the PC side of SteamVR started to look like 30 + milliseconds Here are the CLient and Server logs. I want to know what is the problem?
CloudXR Client Log 2023-05-19 08.35.30.txt (142.3 KB)
CloudXR Server - SteamVR Log 2023-05-19 16.34.42.txt (1.4 MB)
Streamer Client Log 2023-05-19 08.35.30.txt (331.8 KB)
Streamer Server Log 2023-05-19 16.34.42.txt (267.8 KB)

hard to tell quickly reading the logs. were you wearing the headset at the time, or was it sitting down idle? SteamVR could have paused at some timeout value. The other possibility is a network issue, as it seems like the server starts having issues sending data at the end.

Is this 100% reproducible every time? Is server on local lan or remote? Just looking for any other data. If it reproduces consistently at that timing, Iā€™d think it was a server config issue of some sort with steam, best guess. I frequently run 20+ minute sessions without random termination.

Thanks for responsing ! I finally found the problem that i enabled the AImageReaderDecoder in cxrReceiverDesc.I guess my hmd device cannot work well by ImageReder decoder.