Frequent failures to initiate video stream to iOS client

I’m having the hardest time getting reliable connections from the iOS client to a SteamVR server (running Windows 10, RTX 8000). More often than not, after establishing the connection the server does not send images and on the client I get messages “CloudXR2ClientObjC[1472:458346] cxrLatchFrameXR() failed with code 17 [A frame was not ready in time [Error_Frame_Not_Ready]]”. Sometimes every other connection fails, sometimes 9 out of 10 fail. Once it fails, at a minimum I have to restart SteamVR, but sometimes go as far as rebooting the machine as SteamVR leave the machine in a bad state and leaves a deadlocked vrserver process running. So overall, a big productivity/usability drain.
I’ve tried a minimal repro, with basically your CloudXR 2.1 iOS sample client connecting to SteamVR when not running any app at all (shows SteamVR “skybox”). I’ve uploaded the server and client logs from one SteamVR session, where I connected with the client 3 times… The first two client sessions worked, the third identical repro steps failed in the way I described. Any suggestions on what is going wrong here? From the server log I’m guessing it might have trouble with the VideoEncoder hardware? I’ve downgraded my drivers from 466.11 to 462.59 in the hopes that might have any effect, but did not.
Thanks for your help!