CYPD4226 Firmware for Jetson-AGX-Orin

When will the CYPD4226 firmware for Jetson Orin (by Devkit) be available?
I see posts discussing this topic in the last year (2022), the last answer is that NV is preparing to provide it.
Can you help me if it’s something I can’t find the download firmware for?

I designed with the same circuit as Orin Devkit. And the CYPD4226 firmware provided by NV DLC seems to exist only for AGX Xavier Devkit.
Can Xavier Devkit’s CYPD4226 firmware be used on Orin design basis?
Comparing Xavier Devkit and Orin Devkit, it seems that the CYPD4226 firmware for Orin should be separate.

It is posted in

Additional Files

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