AGX Orin Dev Kit MCU Firmware

We are designing our custom board as same as AGX Orin Developer Kit.
So, we are using Cypress IC and several MCUs from AGX Orin Dev Kit.
I’v checked Cypress firmware will be ready in near future.

So, I wonder any other MCUs as follows :

  • EFM8S10F2G
  • ATSAMD21G16B-AU-P3737

I’ve found firmware of first one on the Jetson DLC.

But I can’t found second one.
Where could i get it ?

Hi, CYPD4226 FW is released in DLC too, you can search “CYPD4226” to get that.

For ATSAMD21G16B FW, it is not supported as said in Jetson AGX Orin Series DG:
Debug MCU (ATSAMD21G16B0AU – U136), circuit, and associated USB Micro B connector (J26): These features are used at NVIDIA for internal debugging and development purposes. These are not required, and support will not be provided if implemented. Designers have the option to implement something similar on their custom carrier boards but should develop their own circuit to meet their needs.

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Thank you for the reply.

But I heard Cypress firmware for AGX Orin is doing for ready to release.
So, I thought the firmware is different to between AGX Orin and AGX Xavier.
The released firmware on the Jetson DLC looks it is for AGX Xavier.
Is it right?

Yes, Cypress firmware for Orin is under process of delivery.

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