Does anyone have the firmware of ATSAMD21G16B on Jetson_AGX_Orin_DevKit_Carrier_Board

Hello, I intend to create a personalized PCB board utilizing the Jetson AGX Orin DevKit Carrier Board. However, I have run into an issue as I do not possess the firmware for the ATSAMD21G16B, which serves as the debug MCU on the AGX Orin carrier board. Can anyone guide me on where to obtain this firmware and how to burn the firmware into the chip? Thank you for your assistance.

For ATSAMD21G16B FW, it is not supported as said in Jetson AGX Orin Series DG:
Debug MCU (ATSAMD21G16B0AU – U136), circuit, and associated USB Micro B connector (J26): These features are used at NVIDIA for internal debugging and development purposes. These are not required, and support will not be provided if implemented. Designers have the option to implement something similar on their custom carrier boards but should develop their own circuit to meet their needs.

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