Hi,I am using a rtx studio laptor(RTX 3070) with the latest nvidia studio driver(472.12).But when I go ahead and try to check featuresupport on a dx12 device for DXR(CheckFeatureSupport(D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS5) it fills up the “D3D12_FEATURE_DATA_D3D12_OPTIONS5” struct but RaytracingTier member is D3D12_RAYTRACING_TIER_NOT_SUPPORTED.I am using agility sdk for trying out the new dx12 ultimate features and I am successfully getting ```

Hi friendandvis, welcome back to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I took the liberty of moving the topic into the DirectX category, I think it might get more attention this way.

If I understand you correctly you don’t get the expected feature set reported when querying the device capabilities, correct?

Can you tell me which Laptop model exactly you are using? Does it possibly have integrated graphics support by the on-board CPU? If so it could be that you first have to enumerate the graphics adapters before querying features and choose the RTX card. The Agility SDK might do that internally and show the max capabilities of your laptop.

Let me know if this helps.


hi Markus,
thanks a lot for the reply and moving my topic to the right category.I did double check the adapter I am using at time of device creation it is the nvidia one and I did a little more digging around and found the issue which was causing tracing tier to return as D3D12_RAYTRACING_TIER_NOT_SUPPORTED,It seems NVIDIA does not supports raytracing on a 32 bit application while sampler feedback is supported.So building my application on x64 mode did the trick and expected raytracing tier(1_1) was returned.

thanks again

Great to hear that you could resolve the problem and thanks for sharing how to work around it!

Best of success in your development.