Does GTX1060 mobile with 6GB support DXR?


I installed new Nvidia GPU driver 425.31 to my Razer blade(2016) with GTX1060(6GB).
According to some articles, 425.31 supports DXR for pascal.
But ID3D12Device::CheckFeatureSupport returns D3D12_RAYTRACING_TIER_NOT_SUPPORTED.
I checked with and .

Windows10 version is 1809, and Windows SDK version is 10.0.17763.0.
I turned on developer mode.
I changed Nvidia setting to use high performance GPU(GTX1060) because Razer blade have Intel HD Graphics 530 and Nvidia GTX1060.

Am I missing some settings?
Does GTX1060 mobile support DXR?


I solved my problem.
In my visual studio solusion, there was old Bin directory which was built with old SDK.
I noticed there were old dlls like d3d12.dll in Bin directory. These dlls are not cleaned by rebuilding the solution.

I deleted Bin directory, then it worked :)