.deb package for files in REDIST folder?

Is there an official way to redistribute the files contained in /opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/Linux_<platform>/<version>/REDIST?
I don’t quite understand legalese, but from reading the SLA, I’m under the impression that redistribution of the files inside this directory is permitted?
I would prefer a Debian package (.deb) form of these files, so I can place it on, say, a private GitHub repo for my personal use, notably to test my code with GitHub Actions and/or Travis CI.

Correct, you are permitted to redistribute the runtime libraries contained in the REDIST directory.

I can put in a request for .deb file, but I’m not sure it’s something we would do. Also are you sure it’s something that’s needed? Typically folks only need a few of the libraries (for example a C++ program doesn’t need the Fortran runtime). Seems like it might be better to only include what you need in whatever deployment package you need for your particular case.

Hi Mat,

For now, I believe I need only the Fortran and CUDA/cuBLAS/cuSPARSE runtime files. Maybe it would be helpful for other people too if NVIDIA would provide, say, a bash/python script that calls dialog/zenity to pick which libraries to include in the redistributable rpm/deb file?