Debian BullsEye nvidia driver installed but GPU not used

nvidia-bug-report.log (1.8 MB) Hi,
I have attached generated report.
Went trough forum with same problem but was not able to find out solution by myself, will appreciated if U can help,

Petar Popara.

You have an Optimus setup, so you can’t use the Nvidia GPU by simple installing the nvidia-driver.
You should saerch the forum for prime and prime offloading, or read the sticky thread about that.

Try this:


thank you for quick replay.

I already tried nvidia-xconfig which have generated xorg.conf file but it was not usable (after reboot just cursor blinking)
I wanted to avoid xorg.conf file edit/update due multiple monitor configuration and that’s the reason I tried optimus etc.

Now I can see what I must to do.

Will post when I make things work.