debug with gdb and ddd

Hi !

I want to debug my source code with gdb after having compiled it with make option dbg=1.
(#include …/common/

For the time being i 've find obj/debug/<my_code>.cu_o
(which is an object file, am I right ?),
i 've made it executable and tried to use gdb on it :

make dbg=1;
chmod 755 obj/debug/foo.cu_o;
gdb foo.cu_o;

but when I run the code i got :

: cannot execute binary file
Program exited with code 01
You can’t do that without a process to debug

What is the problem ? :wacko:

You cannot execute an object file. Only executables. You probably want to look for your executable in …/…/linux/debug/ (from memory, so might be different)

okay, i guess i should have found this by myself.

Thanks for the reply and all apologies.