Decoding H.264 with multimedia api on JETSON NANO - From Derek Sai

I’m trying to decode h264 media file with multimedia api on nano platform. This h264 file was extracted from RTP data, which read from IP camera.Its so strange that always receive an error below.

NvDdkVicConfigure Failed
nvbuffer_transform Failed
Transform Failed

I use the demo code NVIDIA offered, in “tegra_multimedia_api/sample/00_video_decode”

I can provide H264 file if needed.

What other tools decode this file correctly?
If you play it with mplayer, for example, does it play?

Hi snarky,
I have test this file with mplayer, potplayer. I also compare with TX2. All work well(mplay, potplay TX2(multimedia api)).
But it cannot decode well on NANO.

OK, so it’s likely the file uses some data size, bit rate, or profile that’s not supported on the Nano.
The Jetson Nano is the TX1 level of hardware, except only half as much GPU.

Hi snarky,
Thanks for your feedback about my knotty problem, although I was shocked.It looks like I should consider that to change some parammeters for h264 encoding.
Thanks again.