Decreased Quality of Data generated from pointcloud and unusual missing files

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been working on making synthetic RGB images using the replicator with the basic writer. I’m also changing up the camera position for each frame. Things are going smoothly when I’m dealing with smaller scenes, but I’ve hit a bump with larger scenes.

The problem is that the image quality isn’t as good as I want, even though I’m using 1080 x 1080 resolution. In fact, I realized that the first image seems good (Reflecting the desired resolution, however the remaining ones degrade in quality, even though the dimensions are the same).

I’ve also noticed that sometimes some files or images just don’t get generated.

If anyone has faced these issues before or has tips on making the images better, especially for bigger scenes, and how to deal with missing files, I’d really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot!

@toninsemaan i am not a dev, but i think they may have a better idea by seeing a few images generated to assess the degradation mentioned in your post (assuming it’s not under NDA). also, a breakdown of your hardware spec and OS might be useful for them as well to troubleshoot further down the line.

Hi @toninsemaan

There’s a lot of things that could affect visual quality. Are you using RTX or Pathtracing?

First, I recommend using subframes for better visuals. Docs here:
Rendering with Subframes Examples — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation (

Secondly, you could test out the “New Denoiser”, if you’re using Ray tracing. See the image below for where to turn this on.

Its difficult to give more than general feedback however, so as Simplychenable mentioned, screenshots would help a lot for resolving your issues.