Deepstream 5.0 operate classifier on another classifier's results

I have a pipeline “detector → classifier_1 → classifier_2”, and i want to operate second classifier on a certain class id from first.
For first classifier gie-unique-id = 2, and for second i set operate-on-gie-id = 2, operate-on-class-ids = 0, but got no results from classifier_2. Classifier_1 works fine. Tried to remove operate-on-class-ids, still no results. Are there any possibility to do so? Or i have to operate both classifiers on detector and then change meta by myself?
Jetson AGX Xavier
Python 3.6
Jetpack 4.4.1
TRT 7.1.3
Deepstream 5.0.1

can you upload your config

classifier_1.txt (494 Bytes) classifier_2.txt (498 Bytes) detector.txt (472 Bytes)

Hey customer,
Sorry for the delay, can you explain more about why your 2nd classifier need to perform on the 1st classifier?

I need to perform second classifier only on bboxes, with certain label from first classifier, not on all bboxes. And in my case its better, than making more different classes in detector.