Deepstream installation on Jetson Nano

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Waiting the future version of Deepstream for the Jetson Nano, I would like to know if it will be part of the SDK manager, or simply integrated in the SDcard image ?

I love the idea to flash the OS through a SDcard, without the need to install Ubuntu on a host pc.

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Hi Chris, DeepStream SDK 4.0 will be available through the SDK Manager and also can be installed by downloading it from the DeepStream website. To keep the size of the official SD card image down, and also to allow for independent updating of the SDK versions, I don’t believe it will be pre-installed on all SD cards, but it is pretty straightforward to install from the website. You could also backup your SD card to PC after installing it if you wish to roll your image out to multiple Nano devkits.

Any ETA for the 4.0 ?

Hi vbellet, early next month - see this announcement for more info:

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Thx! Keep up your good work.

Hey, so it’s mid next month, JetPack 4.2.1 is out. Does DeepStream 4.0 have a new scheduled release?

Hi mdegans, we are shooting for next week for the DeepStream 4.0 release - stay tuned!


Hi all, DeepStream 4.0 was released yesterday (including support for Nano), see here for more info: