Deepstream-l4t:6.0-samples not finding

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Jetson Xavier NX
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Pull and try to run deepstream-test5-app
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I’m running into a strange issue with this container: On a Jetson Xavier NX that was set up a few months ago running deepstream with an onnx model everything is working fine. I tried setting up a new device using the same image and it can’t find the file.

If I use docker exec to inspect the container, the older device has the plugin located at /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ The newer device that file doesn’t exist.
Both devices were set up the same way with the same base image and JetPack 4.6 installed. This issue showed up last week for us. Was something changed in the 6.0-samples image?

After doing more digging there was a package update that’s causing this. The device that works is using libnvidia-container0 version 0.10.0+jetpack, the non-working device is using version 0.11.0+jetpack.

I’ve reverted to 0.10.0+jetpack and things are working again.

OK, what type is your new device?

Both are Jetson Xavier NX

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