Demo timerApp does not start after Orin Power Off/On

I am using Jetpack 5 on Orin.
I successfully compiled and flashed the demo App: “timer.c”
When the flashing is done the App starts and I see the correct logs from that app “Timer 2 irq triggered…” ( along with the linux booting logs).
Now if I turn off the Orin and turn it back on. I can only see the logs from Linux booting; the SPE app doesn’t not seem to start anymore… until I flash it again.
What do I miss ?
Thanks you

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

yes but I believe my question evolved to: It looks like there are 2 SPE firmware that are being flashed/ executed from the Orin like in 2 separate partitions. Where can I find the documentation that would explain what Firmware / SPE App is executed ?

The partition A will be used as default the B is backup partition while partition crash.

Ok thank you. Where is this described please?

Check this.