Design Your Robot on Hardware-in-the-Loop with NVIDIA Jetson

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Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing is a powerful tool used to validate and verify the performance of complex systems, including robotics and computer vision. This post explores how HIL testing is being used in these fields with the NVIDIA Isaac platform. The NVIDIA Isaac platform consists of NVIDIA Isaac Sim, a simulator that provides a simulated environment…

is it possible to use an ethernet cable w/o a router to connect the workstation and the Jetson? I tried to follow the instructions below:

Run the script at Jetson:
$ bash src/isaac_demo/scripts/

And launch foxglove studio at workstation and try to connect jetson, it always show connection failed.

If run a command on Jetson (w/o container) like:
$ python3 -m foxglove_websocket.examples.json_server

Foxglove can be connected, only issue is that messages cannot be seen on Foxglove.

My questions are:

  1. cable direct connection is a problem for this demo?
  2. container in Jetson is workable for Foxglove at workstation?
  3. Jetson command “” is workable for Foxglove at workstation?