Simulate and Localize a Husky Robot with NVIDIA Isaac

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The Husky robot, developed by Clearpath Robotics, is a versatile four-wheeled platform made for indoor and outdoor research use. It is simple to modify by adding other sensors and changing the high-level board. This post explains how to use the official ROS 2 Husky packages to import the robot into NVIDIA Isaac Sim and create…

Hello, I’m trying to get your program running and most of it works fine. But in Isaac Sim there are no visuals imported, so there is no visible model. Did that work for you and can you help me on how I can make it work too?
Previously I already worked with the husky in Isaac Sim and I used the description folder to generated a urdf file, which I then imported in Isaac and all visuals where shown. So an even better way would be to integrate my urdf directly, because I already made some changes there, too. Is that possible and if yes, how? I already tried what is writen in the empty.urdf file, but nothing changed:

I hope someone can help me make it work, thank you in advance :)

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Hello, did you solved this problem?

Hello, no I couldn’t make it work. There are some more problems like the robot isn’t driving smoothly and the scaling in RVIZ is off, so I used my own model.

Hi @deniselemb

Apologies for the delayed response. I did not receive any notifications for this topic, but the issue is now fixed.
Can you tell me which configuration you have tried? Hardware in the loop or everything running from your desktop?