devdriver fails when not root?

This maybe should go in non-cuda specific forum, but here goes…

OpenSuse 10.3 32bit, gtx470.

I installed the driver & SDK as usual. When logging in as a regular user, the screen just flashes black and fails right back to the login screen. But logging in as root works perfectly, and the SDK examples all run correctly. The Xorg logs are identical for the two different logins, and the only possibly relevant message I’m seeing is
“kernel: NVRM: os_pci_init_handle: invalid context”

Anyone ever had something like this happen? I’m a bit perplexed.

what are the permissions on /dev/nvidia*?

permissions are


for both. funny, i had looked at that, chmod’d to 777 and somehow it’s reverted itself…

edit: logging in is always reverting permissions …?

yeah, I seem to recall that SuSE does that.

heh. in a number of places too :(