Device Tree for SPI slave on Jetson Nano

I’m looking for a current device tree configuration for Jetson Nano Developer Kit to enable SPI slave mode. I’ve searched the forums and tried various solutions including the example in nvidia,spi-slave-tegra124.txt with no luck. Can anyone provide a working spi@7000d600 configuration?

Using jetson-io to configure those pin as SPI function then modify the compatible = “nvidia,tegra210-spi”; to
compatible = “nvidia,tegra210-spi-slave”;

Thank you for the quick response. The following line from the nvidia,spi-slave-tegra124.txt throws an error when rebuilding the device tree: “nvidia,slave-ready-gpio = <&gpio TEGRA_GPIO(I, 3) GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;”. It fails on the TEGRA_GPIO macro.

Is that line required?

It also throws an error on “nvidia,dma-request-selector = <&apbdma 16>;”. I replaced &apbdma with the corresponding phandle hex value, and there is no build error but I’m not sure if it supposed to be able to recognize the reference “&apbdma” or if I’ve replaced it with the right value?

Just modify “nvidia,tegra210-spi” to “nvidia,tegra210-spi-slave” in device tree only for slave mode.

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@ShaneCCC how do pin numbers map to device names? Or where is this configured?

I’m now able to receive data on both spidev0.0 and spidev0.1, but I’m unable to transmit. I’m trying to understand which device name pin J21 maps to?

Have a check below pin map.

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