SPI1 in Slave Mode

Hello !

I followed some instructions listed on the forum to switch SPI1 from master mode to slave mode on Jetson Nano, namely, replacing




in the dts.

After the modification, every attempt at using spidev result in this error :

[ 63.242691] spi-tegra124-slave 7000d400.spi: clk_prepare failed: -22
[ 63.249389] spi-tegra124-slave 7000d400.spi: pm runtime failed, e = -22

Which would point to this :

But that’s as far as I could go trying to understand this error… Any idea ?

What’s the BSP version?
There’s no problem for me with J4.6(r32.6.1)

I’m using L4T R32.4.3…

Please help to move on new BSP. Thanks

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