Device tree issue with Nano production module

I am having issues with a CANFD driver and the device tree relating to SPI. This driver is working fine with a devkit nano, but when I switch to a production nano it fails to initialize.

Can someone provide some insight on how I can fix this? I’m not even sure where to start looking.

Here is the dmesg output:

[8.622392] spi_tegra114p: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[8.637087] tegra210-pinctrl 700008d4.pinmux: pin SPI1_CS1 PC4 already requested
      by 700008d4.pinmux; cannot claim for 7000d400.spi
[8.651103] tegra210-pinctrl 700008d4.pinmux: pin-20 (7000d400.spi) status -22
[8.847546] tegra210-pinctrl 700008d4.pinmux: could not request pin 20
      (SPI1_CS1 PC4) from group spi1_cs1_pc4  on device 700008d4.pinmux
[8.976207] spi-tegra114p 7000d400.spi: Error applying setting, reverse things back
[8.986613] spi-tegra114p: probe of 7000d400.spi failed with error -22

hello jake,

it’s different board configurations for the DevKits and Production modules.

had you update the pin configuration? you may also access pinmux spreadsheets for reference;
please check developer guide, Configuring the 40-Pin Expansion Header, here’s a python tool, Jetson-IO tool to simplify the configuration

What pin configuration needs to change? Part of what I’m asking is what needs to change - I have no idea.

I have tried using the jetson-io tool - the instructions are vague and I have no idea what I should be doing with it. I use it to activate the .dtbo for my driver. What else should I do with it?

Also the pinmux spreadsheet only runs on windows. I am on linux and have no access to windows.

And I just have to say that using excel as a configuration tool… well, I really expect more from my hardware vendors.

I can either use jetson-io to either configure compatible hardware or activate spi. They appear to be exclusive.

hello jake,

how about compare the device tree settings to check the difference.
for example, you may disassembler the devkit’s dtb file into text file as following,
$ dtc -I dtb -O dts -o devkit.txt tegra210-p3448-0002-p3449-0000-a02.dtb