Device validation while using ssh connection

I`m using the Nsight Systems to profiling x86 Linux Targets. My linux os is centos 7.3, and when I connect it with password-based authentication, it give me this error:
No root access
Superuser (sudo) access is required on this device, but is not available. Make sure the user has sudo access and try again.

but I`m pretty sure that I have added my user into the sudo list, by editting the visudo and adding “user ALL=(ALL) ALL” line just under the “root ALL=(ALL) ALL”

Is there any problem that I have? How can I fix it?

Thanks a lot!

We are working on changes that will no longer require the user to have SU in order to run on x86 targets.

I would have expected that adding the user would have worked. In the meantime, since you are giving all users on the system SU, you obviously don’t have any actual security concerns, so you might just want to login with SU/password from Nsight Systems to bypass the step.