DGX A100 MB POST code Pu 46 (or Pu 4b) and it doesn't power on

Hi every one! I have problem with my DGX A100. It worked without any problem for 2 years, but now:

  • it doesn’t turn on (coolers always works on 100%, both power buttons do not react)
  • when I try to turn it on throw IPMI: “Performing power action failed”.
  • Main board POST always shows Pu 46 or Pu 4b (6 and b on POST display looks the same)
  • all Power led are green

@rusremu you should open a case on NVIDIA Enterprise Support and explain the issue and the POST code. They will help you out.

You might also check this Unable to power up NVIDIA DGX A100 - #4 by ilb.

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It should be Pd-4b, CPU tray problem. Please raise a case for your DGXA100 to the service team.